Playliste vom 08.10.1988

HoulalaLudwig von 88
These Immortal SoulsThese Immortal Souls
Trust MeThe Swans
I coldly stare outPink Turns Blue
Low landMen 2nd
Puppet livePunishment of Luxury
Inside you (live)Pop Will Eat Itself
Beck daarThe Bodines
Please don't sandblast my house1000 Violins
Upstain partyFerry Boat Bill
YvonneB 4 Nothing
Lifeless memoriesJivaros Quartett
Mi santhropeHungry For What
Das Grauen ist inder StadtAbstürzende Brieftauben
Opel GangDie Toten Hosen
DichstrudelThe Meatmen
Stand upMinor Threat
Put awayThe Fall
Mess of myThe Fall
No Xmas for John KeyThe Fall
Like to blowThe Fall
Universal TrendsetterThe Young Fresh Fellows
Ain't what I call home/Dute luckThe Pontiac Brothers
Before to longDonner Party
Darkness hiding byThe Black Orchids
She's leaving yesterday behindThe Optic Nerve
Onze vaderLuc Van Acker & Didi de Paris