Playliste vom 21.02.1991

Dogfood sandwitchLoveslug
Meat machineGore
Lost ma teeth in the bathroomChambre Jaune
Public lifeSpasmodique
10 grainsde artsen
Ceauscu's dreamTrespassers W
The operating TheatreBomb Circle
Katjuscha  E.S.T.
Epoka dla nasObiekt Nasmieszek
MoldaviaFront 242
I send you my tearsSiglo XX
MentalCat Rapes Dog
That is corectOcal Waltz
Summer holyday CampUnion Carbide Production
The beast cures hte loverThe Wannadies
L.A.WomanLeningrad Cowboys
All in the familyElectric Blue Peggy Sue & the Revolutionions from Mars
Shrimpy dogReptilicus
No funDr.Mix & the Remix
KingstonMassangeros Killers Boys
Bloc de glaceWampas
Riot and danceThe Brigades (Live)
CharlotteThe Young Gods
Let me be StalinPankow