Playliste vom 21.03.1991

TeneriffaThe Bastards
Lady shoesJesus Lizard
Wired godTAD
Giant KillerTAD
Tale me back or I'll drown the dogTumor Circus
FireballTumor Circus
Intro/RoadrunnerGibson Bros.
Hello Anne of green poplarsRuth's Refrigerator
The ocean cried "Blue Murder"The Legendary Pink Dots
Ein Eimer Erbsen mittelfeinMax Goldt
SuicideThe Bastards
NeighboursMesser Banzani [@wiki]
SorryMesser Banzani [@wiki]
NordpedalIchfunktion [@wiki]
Hate FeelerFoetus Corruptus
Deutschland halt's MaulDie Skeptiker [@wiki]
No, I'm iron manButthole Surfers
Say it with flowersCarter
Bella CiaoDog Faced Hermans
Always tell the voter, what the voter wants to hearChumbawamba
Chase PCs flee attack by own dogChumbawamba
Flesh sparks to the beatFluid Mask
Not too soonThrowing Muses
Sprung up and/or outEleventh Dream Day
NubJesus Lizard
Use itBomb Party