Playliste vom 22.08.1991

Memories are made of thisThe Strangemen
Memories are made of thisThe Saints
Over the oceanThe Strangemen
MammyThe Strangemen
Move your assThe Strangemen
Come onThe Strangemen
Let there be rockHenry Rollins & the Hard Ons
I am your princeEd Kuepper
Let's get funkyBeasts of Burbon
Say goodbye to the little girl treeNick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Battery RapCrent
Sister AlbertaThe Strangemen
I feel loveDistant Locust
Head in the sandHoodoo Gurus
AskThe Go-Betweens
Easy come easy goG.W.McLennen
Under pressureThe Strangemen
Fade awayHard Ons